Vega (The Weaver)

Acrylic and spray paint on asphalt
10 x 10'
Washington, DC

The images of the weaver and the magpie originate in a Chinese myth of star-crossed lovers, a weaver girl and cowherd banished to the night sky as the stars Vega and Altair, separated by the milky way. It is said they are reunited each year by flocks of magpies who take pity on them and form a bridge across the heavens. Drawing on folkloric symbols from various cultures, this work is a tribute to the power of storytelling and weaving of words.

In June 2015, NoMa BID partnered with hip-hop nonprofit Words Beats & Life to sponsor the largest work of public art in Washington, DC—NoMa Junction at Storey Park. Master artists Maxx Moses (Pose2) and Cita Sadeli (Chelove) created larger works celebrating the history and future of the neighborhood while 53 additional artists joined in painting on the walls as well as over an acre of the ground.
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