Maurane (La Belle Hip Hop)

Spray paint on exterior wall
Brussels, Belgium
March 2019
Collaborative mural with Cita Sadeli aka MISS CHELOVE, Nadia Seika, and Laetitia Cefali aka LAEC.

Maurane, née Claudine Luypaerts, was a Belgian singer and actress born in Brussels in November 1960 known for her powerful, expressive voice. Maurane also supported social causes, performing for AIDS organization Sol en Si and food assistance organization, Restos du Coeur, as well as recording the Baltimore Project to raise awareness of the plight of political hostages around the world.

This collaborative mural was painted for the 2019 edition of La Belle Hip Hop international festival celebrating women in the arts.

Located at Rue de l'Éclipse, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.
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